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Can cancer pain be controlled? One is to remove the source of the pain through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation or other treatment. If that can 't be done, pain medications can usually control the pain.
What is the best food to eat if you have cancer? It's also key that you don't eat raw or undercooked meat, fish, and poultry. Don't eat foods and beverages that are unpasteurized. Eat when you're hungry. High-protein foods include: Lean meat, chicken, and fish. Eggs. Beans, nuts, and seeds. Cheese, milk, and yogurt.
How long can you live with untreated breast cancer? For the amalgamated 1,022 patients, median survival time was 2.3 years. Actuarial 5- and (partially fitted) 10-year survival rates for these patients with untreated breast cancer was 19.8% and 3.7%, respectively. Historical data of untreated breast cancer patients reveal a potential for long survival in some cases.

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